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Roller Hearth Furnace

IOB-Industrie-Ofen-Bau GmbH engineers and tempering systems type roller hearth furnace for various operations. For the treatment of special profile beams or forging parts, executed as hardening furnace and tempering furnace. For the treatment of long rod material or executed as annealing furnace for aluminum engine motor blocks.

The charging of the parts is done wether using grids or directly placed onto the rollers without grid sub structure. The rollers with bearings at both sides however outside the furnace area (maintenance friendly).

Drive using frequency controller and simultanous/equal speed adjustment.

Roller diameter and roller distance adjusted according to the actual project requirements.

Not as in the pusher type furnace used heavy and solid grids, here we can use leight design grids. Nothing has to be pushed, only the parts carried trough the plant. Advantage here is the minimum dead load and hence the more higher efficiency of the furnace plant.

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Roller hearth furnace

For Special Aluminium Profiles

Approx. 960 kg/h

Solution annealing furnace: 600 °C
Aging furnace: max. 250 °C

Heating method
Burners/Cage heating elements

Heating medium
Natural gas/electricity
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Roller hearth furnace as solution annealing furnace and aging heat treatment furnace, air fast cooling unit, water quench bath, roller conveyors