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Forging Furnaces

We design furnaces with maximum temperatures of up to 1300 °C for the forging industry. The individual parts can weigh between a few kilograms and shafts weighing 10 tons or more.

Our systems include chamber, double chamber, bogie hearth and rotary hearth furnaces. As heating methods we use recuperative, regenerative, high-speed or flat-flame burners.

Rotary Hearth Forging Furnace

Used for the full automatic heat treatmentof forging parts in continious cycle.
Billets Ø 300 mm - 650 mm, Billet height up to 1300 mm, Piece weight up to 3100 kg.

Max. 20 t

Effective dimensions
Average furnace hearth diameter 10800 mm
Furnace hearth width 2700 mm

Max. 1300 °C, temperature uniformity: ± 20 °C

Heating method
High velocity circulation burner

Heating medium
Natural gas
Image "Ofenpix:drehherd-schmiedeofen.jpg"
Rotary hearth furnace (complete system)

Forging Bogie Hearth Furnace

For steel, grey iron and spheroidal cast iron.

Max. 4500 kg

Effective dimensions
Length: 4500 mm, Width: 2000 mm, Height: 1500 mm

Heating method
Indirect heathing with internal annealing hood/bell

Heating medium
Natural gas or oil

Furnace cycle
Furnace allows low-scaling annealing procedures
Image "Ofenpix:schmiede-herdwagenofen_2.jpg"
Forging bogie hearth furnace

Image "Ofenpix:schmiede-stossofen.jpg"
Forge furnace

Image "Ofenpix:schmiede-doppelkammerofen_1.jpg"
Image "Ofenpix:schmiede-doppelkammerofen_2.jpg"
Forge double chamber furnace

Image "Ofenpix:schmiede-kammerofen_1.jpg"
Image "Ofenpix:schmiede-kammerofen_2.jpg"
Forge chamber furnace