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Pipe Annealing Furnace

For ductile centrifugal cast iron pipes NW 100 - NW 700

22000 kg/h

Furnace division
Zone 1: High temperature
Zone 2 + 3: Soaking temperature
Zone 4: Cooling zone
Zone 5 + 6: Ferritisation

Heating method
High velocity burners with all round firing system

Heating medium
Natural gas
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Pipe-annealing bogie-hearth furnace

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Pipe annealing furnace with pipe delivery, cleaning and centering, divided into 6 control zones, air preheating using central recuperator

The pipe annealing furnace will be used for the heat treatment of centrifugal casted cast iron pipes with the goal of achieving a ductile cast iron quality according the ISO standard. The in the centrifugal casting machine produced pipes have a diameter between 80-1000 mm and a total length including socket of 6300 mm.

The furnace plant consists out of

  • Heating up zone zone 1
  • Soaking zone zone 2 + 3
  • Rapid cooling zone zone 4
  • Ferritisation zone zone 5 + 6

Furnace temperature profile, pipe diameter and furnace capacity will determine the length of the furnace. Furnaces range between 28, 32, 36 and 45 meter effective furnace length.

The by the pipe delivery machine into the furnace loaded pipes are transported trough the furnace horizontally by means of a special chain conveyor system with collabsable fingers. Pipe support is done using roller beams.

The patented rapid cooling zone achieves a controlled cooling down of the pipes without additional nozzling of air into the furnace (no scale).

The patented air curtain unit at the furnace outlet together with the furnace pressure control in the zones 1-3 and 5+6 avoid false air entrance and hence result in a high temperature uniformity at the pipes.

The heating is done using natural gas, oil, blast furnace gas and/or a combination of these heating mediums. High efficiency is achieved using a central recuperator unit for combustion air pre heating.

The 18 pcs. already world wide build pipe annealing furnaces with leading pipe manufacturers show the high amount of Know-How which is available with IOB-Industrie-Ofen-Bau GmbH in this range of heat treatment.