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Hood Furnace

IOB Industrie-Ofen-Bau GmbH engineers and builds tempering furnaces type hood furnaces for various purposes. The hood furnaces can be used as

  • Tempering furnace for e.g. rod material and/or coils
  • Tempering furnace for aluminum
  • Tempering furnace under protective atmosphere

The hood furnaces are designed for operation with one or two loading/annealing places. The to be heat treated parts are placed directly or on grids onto the at the loading/annealing places arranged support benches by means of the charging machine/crane or fork lift. The hood system is used in case of restricted availability of space. The execution of the hood furnace can be without or with door(s). The loading/annealing place is very well accessible after the hood has moved sideward for the loading or unloading process.

A very big advantage of the hood construction is the excellent sealing of the hood towards the loading/annealing place. Hence the execution as annealing furnace under protective atmosphere, using e. g. forming gas and/or endo gas, in the original execution or as option to be build in later is very well possible.

For coils or long rod material

Max. 65000 kg/load

Heat treatment: 400 °C - 950 °C, max. 1000 °C
Heating gradient: with 65 t/load = 70 °C/h

Heating method
High velocity circulation burner

Heating medium
Natural gas
Image "Ofenpix:haubenofenanlage.jpg"
Hood Furnace system with 2 loading positions and 2 doors