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Electrically Heated Furnaces

In the field of electrically heated furnaces, we accumulated great experience. Companies from the aluminum and steel industry around the world trust our solutions, which include the heat treatment of rolled slabs. Electric heating also offers numerous advantages when enameling kettles and containers.

We can provide solutions in the following furnace designs:

  • Chamber furnace
  • Bogie hearth furnace
  • Tower furnace
  • Belt or roller hearth furnace

Image "Ofenpix:elektro-herdwagenofen.jpg"
Electric bogie hearth furnace

Image "Ofenpix:elektro-kammerofen.jpg"
Electric chamber furnace with overhead track feeding
Image "Ofenpix:elektro-turmofen.jpg"
Electric tower furnace, height: 22 m

Image "Ofenpix:elektro-kammerofen-vacuumschmelze_1.jpg"
Image "Ofenpix:elektro-kammerofen-vacuumschmelze_2.jpg"
Electric chamber furnace with air-circulation