IOB Industrie-Ofen-Bau GmbH Weinheim



Charging Machine

IOB Industrie-Ofen-Bau GmbH developed and manufactured respective charging machines for the complete heat treatment plant like chamber/box type or rotary hearth type furnace plants.

The charging machine transports the grids with the to be heat treated material through the plant. Alternative also rod material directly onto the forks without grid. This can be from one furnace to the other, or to the unloading respective loading tables for further handling of the material (avoiding of drop spots with small parts).

With plants with quenching baths, water and/or oil, and air quenching units these also are operated with the charging machine.

The forks of the charging machine is build onto a full portal crane , semi portal crane or the fork units are build into the floor bound machine. Possible movements of the charging machine are lifting, lowering, forward, backward and rotation. The charging machine operates fully automatically according the pre set program cycles. A manual operating is also possible using the control pulpit. In both cases the safety interlocks are kept upright.

The carrying load of the charging machine is designed according the furnace batch load.